Saturday, May 14, 2011

80 gagging orders and still counting

The Telegraph is certainly racing ahead in the injunction and gagging reporting stakes.

Although in our poll "Which UK media outlet will publish injunction names first?" the News of the World is just edging ahead of the Sun, the Telegraph is pushing the boat out.

Super injunctions are completely private. We, the little people, are not even meant to know they exist so we commend the Telegraph for telling us all they know of over 80 gagging orders executed in the last 6 years. 12 of these are super injunctions.

Most of these are probably tittle tattle sponsorship protection exercises but there maybe others that are in the public interest. Given the UK media is censored, we just don't know. Most alarming is there is a super injunction where the Judge is unknown!

The leading judges who issue injunctions are:

Mr Justice Eady - 11

Mr Justice Tugendhat - 10

Mrs Justice Sharp - 7

The gagging orders, scores on the doors, are currently:

Footballers - 9

Pop Stars - 4

Business people - 6

Civil Servant - 1

MP - 1

And the rest?

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