Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Tweeter aims to become the next @InjunctionSuper

@InjunctionSuper has made a global name for himself world wide. So now we have a new one called @IanIan1984 (Ian Sanderson). At the time of writing this Twitter account still exists.

Due to the farce we are now in, the allegations are probably lies but since the Media cannot comment we haven't a clue.

The other Tweeter aiming for the crown is @OmegaInjunction.


  1. well if the top one is true then there is no excuse fr having a superinjunction. How can someone use the courts to hide criminal activity? Fuck that.

  2. Because, Anonymous, the abuse might not be true! She might be spreading malicious gossip for her own benefit.

  3. True, but that is already covered by other things (libel and potentially wasting police time if said libel were to lead to an investigation (cf. the case with the Hamiltons)). I'm not advocating telling lies, certainly not about that sort of shit, but a superinjunction seem over the top. There are better ways of clearing your name.

    Of course if the allegations are true then the superinjunction is clearly bullshit.

  4. Ooh,can I post? Cracking fun eh?

  5. "There are better ways of clearing your name."

    Not really. Suing for libel is like trying to put the genie back into the bottle. There are still people out there who are convinced Michael Jackson was a child molester, despite having been exonerated by both civil and criminal courts. Throw enough shit, and something's bound to stick.