Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger has lost a number of our posts. Or were we sabotaged? One revealed the names of 3 people with injunctions a screenshot now lost ...

We have copied over today's comments from a backup wordpress site.

Enjoy. You may read about us in the Sunday Newspapers ...


  1. No, of course nothing was sabotaged - the whole of Blogger was down and that includes sleaze-bag porn merchants like me. Some recent posts have not yet returned but at the time of writing the system is up and running, sort of.

  2. Some extreme outings by that Tweeter.

  3. It affected everybody. I publish two blogs, Royal musings and Royal Book News. So far only one post from yesterday has returned.

  4. Blogger has been down intermittently since Wednesday. My students' very innocent little blog is completely inaccessible.