Friday, May 20, 2011

The big fight

A very comprehensive summary in the Evening Standard today of the fight between the MPs and the Judges.

The referee in this fight is a QC - Ken Clarke - who with stooge Jeremy Hunt

"...are understood to have agreed at a meeting yesterday that a Privacy Act is not the way forward. Instead, they agreed ministers would consider producing more detailed guidance for judges to interpret the Human Rights Act."

So as expected lots of hot air and no change. As a QC, Clarke is surely conflicted and this gaff prone man will just support his mates. We might see a few less injunctions, and every new one that is published will be scrutinised and gossiped and tweeted. However, the Judges will continue to rack up fees and the rich will be able to gag whoever they want.

If anyone has the paper copy, Chris Blackhurst the hack who wrote the piece has kindly written about 30 injunctions from AMM v HXW to YYR v YVR, and we need to check they are on the injunction spreadsheet.


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