Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cat and mouse

Wakey wakey. Is the Attorney General watching?

As we reported, another Tweeter posted allegations about injunctions at the weekend. However, as soon as we grabbed a screen shot, the account then disappeared. The mouse went back into its hole. So what are the Courts going to do about it? Another Tweeter is sure to do the same again. The Courts cannot respond fast enough and as each day passes, these celebrity injunctions become unenforceable.

Thankfully the beady eyes of the media who use TweetDeck to monitor injunction breaking Tweets are at hand to point out the ludicrous situation. They cannot mention the Tweets but can mention the messenger. Twitter is making Wikileaks look like yesterday's technology.


Guido Fawkes quoted in the Independent said "People doing this kind of thing isn't new... During the Northern Rock crisis there was a document from Merrill Lynch [about any proposed deal with the bank]. I had a copy and the FT [Financial Times] had a copy but the FT got hit with an injunction within two hours. I just uploaded it from an Indian website."

So what are the politicians doing about it? Nothing because they are all on holiday.


  1. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/blogger-lists-injunction-celebs-113034395.html

    Old news travels fast

  2. Could someone let the Independant know that it's a Guy Fawkes mask not an "anonymous" mask.