Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebs beware: Take out injunctions at your peril

Very good article in thedrum.co.uk looking at the CTB crisis from a PR perspective.

Giggs has unwittingly become a big news story for an extra marital affair. Most people just couldn't care less so what was he thinking in bringing in lawyers? This is a good quote that all footballers and celebrities out there should read and digest:

"...I’d tell him to pay his lawyers what he owes, thank them through gritted teeth for successfully making him the Anti Cause and then set aside whatever cash he was planning on spending to try and sue 75,000 Twitter users to pay off Imogen Thomas and prevent her selling an exclusive. He could then agree to his own exclusive with one big tabloid to talk about the whole legal battle, not the details of his affair, giving his fee to a suitable charity and trying to explain his thinking. This would hopefully give the media some kind of closure over the whole issue – which has become more about the super injunction than the alleged affair it concealed – and social media can move on to its next freedom of speech scalp for freedom of speech while he tries to repair his marriage.” Paul Smith, crisis management specialist for Citypress.

As Max Clifford has said, the injunction itself caused the affair to become headline news.

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