Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daily Star reveal list of injunctions

Just like nobody saw Italy coming second in the Eurovision Song Contest, the Daily Star are not the leader in the "Which UK media outlet will publish injunction names first?" poll. However, they have issued a list (now added to the spreadsheet).

AA: An order granted to a footballer over his private life.

AMM v HXW: TV star who denies he had sex with his ex-wife after remarrying.

??: Information about a police investigation.

ASG v GSA: A famous married dad who had an affair with a girl he met at a nightclub.

BCD v EFG: Howard Donald, over details of his relationship with soul singer Adakini Ntuli. Lifted.

C & D v E: Famous couple stop former employee talking about their lives and family.

CC v AB: Married celebrity with young kids who had affair with woman for several months wins order preventing her husband from spilling the beans.

CBL: Famous man over details about his sex life.

CDE & FGH v LMN: Man who often appears on television (and his wife) over details of phone, Twitter and text sex between him and a single mum.

CTB: Premier League footballer who had affair with Imogen Thomas.

DFT v TFD: High-profile public figure being blackmailed by alleged mistress for large amount of money.

E, F & G: Celeb family over personal matter.

EEE v GGG: Premier league footballer over alleged affair.

??? v ???: A proper super-injunction – taken out by a woman.

ETK: Married actor, dad of two teenage kids, who had affair with married colleague. His wife found out and the mistress was then sacked after he told bosses he didn’t want to see her any more.

FGH: Andrew Marr, right, over false claims he had a love child. Breached by Marr himself.

??? & ??? v ???: Another true superinjunction. No details can be reported.

JIH: Love-rat sportsman over details of a second alleged affair.

KJH v HGF: Star who was victim of blackmail to keep information about the case secret.

??: Star’s wife over cancer scare.

??? v ???: No details can be reported.

LNS: John Terry to stop information about alleged affair with Vanessa Perroncel. Anonymity lifted.

?: No details can be reported.

MJN: Married Premier League footballer over fling with 18-year-old lingerie model Kimberley West.

MNB: Wealthy married man over details of sexual relationship.

??? v ???: World-famous man over personal matter.

NEJ: Well-known actor who slept with Helen Wood, right, the Wayne Rooney hooker.

???: No details can be reported.

OPQ v BJM and CJM: Married TV personality to stop “intimate photographs and other information” being sold to a newspaper.

POI v Person Known As Lina: Man to stop publication of photos and/or video taken in private place.

PQR v UVW: MoD adviser Bernard Gray can be identified as PQR – but the name of the person he has stopped from publishing private info about him, and that info, remains secret.

Q: A teacher over private information.

RST v UVW: A man of “some public reputation” who slept with a hooker “two or three times” a decade ago.

TPW: City “superwoman” Nicola Horlick had the order against a journalist but it was withdrawn.

TSE: The latest Premier League ace.

TUV: Famous woman over theft of “visual images” stored on a laptop.

VAM v KDS: Famous person over details of their private life.

WER v REW: Man – who is related to someone of note – blocking details of an alleged affair.

X & Y: Famous couple over claims of marriage problems.

XJA: Well-known family man, a sportsman, over alleged affair.

YYZ v YVR: Man bans acquaintance from revealing the content of an e-mail he accidentally sent to him.

???: Sir Fred Goodwin to stop newspapers calling him a banker. Breached in Parliament.

???: Hollywood star over alleged scandal.

???: No details can be reported.

???: Actress over topless paparazzi pics.

???: Work dispute.

???: TV personality over business dealings.

ZZAM v CFW & TFW: Dispute surrounding family trust funds.

ZXC v BNM: Footballer over fling.

Z: Office worker over e-mail.


  1. Jesus, the shit is gonna hit the fan now.

  2. The richer you are in London the more options you will have when it comes to fun!

  3. Re Kim West, the Telegraph reported that the wrong person had been mentioned on Twitter. I think they were referring to a Newcastle footballer. They said the real person was from a rival local team. If so, this can only be Sunderland.