Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everyone knows except us

Us little people are little because we know so little.

By coincidence we were at a Barcelona v Man Utd (nice assist by Ryan Giggs) barbecue last night with a couple of BBC executives. Whilst we huddled for warmth, they told us about all the injunctions and named names. They mentioned a BBC executive, an MP and some other celebs. We promised not to blog them and we won't but they are all on Twitter and other blog sites so you will have to look elsewhere. We asked how they knew so much and they said they had to know just in case by mistake they were mentioned on air at the same time as the word "injunction". So a lot of BBC executives know the list of 80. And BBC people like to talk.

Now Giggsgate is petering out, we talked about who is next? Well it seems Jeremy Clarkson could be the one and the BBC is worried because he earns them a lot of money. And don't forget he is a civil servant paid for by the tax payer. Allegedly.

An employee of a well known lawyer who was serving the sausages, from a firm that has taken out injunctions, told us the legal community know who the parties to the ABC injunctions are. Unlike the BBC however, they would not discuss anything more except saying Schillings were "aggressive" and "adversarial" and there were many more injunctions in the pipleline.

Hopefully these new injunctions are to protect vulnerable people. But we doubt it.

Onto other news and an American actor tells us super injunctions are a good thing:

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