Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goodwin's mistress - the short list

It was a super injunction. No names. No mention of its existence. No ideas what it was about. Even Guido Fawkes had to **** the names.

Today in Parliament it is mentioned and a few hours later the injunction's first page is now available for us to see.

Yep. Fred Goodwin is a party. But that is all we get to see. The rest is ???.

The real "party" is the one the is media is having - like naughty children they are gagging to tell us all what this injunction is about and who the mistress is.

Parliament can talk about anything without lawyers being able to touch it. But can the media report on something that Parliament has discussed but to which they are gagged? It appears not (1999 privilege committee: " such circumstances [regarding details of an injunction] reporting a matter divulged in parliamentary proceedings is strictly a contempt of court".)

Or maybe they can as the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times et al are all reporting it.

Some newspapers know who Goodwin was having an affair with in early/mid 2008 (we know nothing about this super injunction so any such affair cannot be proven to have taken place or if at all Goodwin had one) and like the Thomas Wilson Affair (sounds like a film) it will soon be leaked out.

Although the Mr Wilson debacle is tittle tattle kiss 'n' tell, in the Goodwin case a large bank nearly collapsed after being run into the ground by Sir Fred Goodwin (can we now tell the world he is a banker?) and has cost the UK tax payer (you and I) tens of billions of pounds worth of pain. His off piste antics may have contributed to him taking his eye off the ball so it is in the public interest we understand what went on as we are now paying his pension and our children will be paying off the debts he caused for the next 20 years. The fact he took out a super injunction doesn't feel right.

Anyway, before the Twitterers start guessing and telling, here are some names we found trawling the scummy bottom of the internet. The media have leaked some clues. She is a woman and was very senior at RBS. Now macho RBS has very few women at the top (telegraph) so the short list is going to be quite short. Here are the names of some senior RBS women (management team, RBS website).

Elaine Arden - now head of HR at RBS. Details at linkedin.

Ellen Alemany - Details at wikipedia

Jennifer Hill - business week.

Aileen Taylor - RBS board.

Susan Bor - Recruiter

We hope these women have good lawyers because this leaking of half information is not good for anyone, especially the other senior employees at RBS who will soon suffer from the guess and tell game too. We are sure these women are innocent because we live in a world where you are innocent until proven guilty. Except in a world of censorship when the rules change completely.

Censorship does this. It defames the wrong people.

The Daily Mail don't want us to win at their game so have provided more information and the internet odds are on Susan Bor ...


  1. Which one has the big tits?

  2. My money is on Aileen Taylor. As a sleazebag porn merchant I can confirm that you always follow the fresh tottie, and at 38 Aileen is by far the youngest of the four. She also has about her the air of someone making up the numbers, as it were. As if someone wanted to give Fred's little girl a leg up after he had given her a leg over.


  4. Could it have been a gay relationship? Has anything specifically been said to assure it was a woman he had an affair with?

  5. check the daily mail and it's obvious that it's aileen taylor.

  6. Thank you, Daily Mail. My computer keyboard nearly suffered another humour-induced tea accident. She vowed she would ‘never work in a BORing bank,’ did she?

  7. Elaine Arden has been appointed group head of HR at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
    Arden is currently HR head for RBS Business Services, the Bank’s largest division with over 43,000 staff worldwide.

    Stephen Hester, group chief executive said: "There are few more vital areas to RBS’ future than helping us attract, retain, motivate and engage people. In Elaine I believe we are promoting a strong and talented leader for a function that is critical to the future success of RBS."

    Her appointment follows a four-month global search that attracted a "significant number" of external candidates led by KornFerry Whitehead Mann.

    Arden joined the RBS graduate programme in 1990. Following a period with Clydesdale Bank as head of employee relations she returned to RBS in 1998 where she has held a number of senior HR roles across a broad cross section of the Group’s activities, including insurance, asset finance, technology, and credit cards. In her current position, as HR Head of Business Services, she is responsible for the Group’s largest division employing people in over 45 countries.

    She will succeed Neil Roden, who announced earlier this year that he was stepping down after 10 years in the role. Elaine will take up her new position from 1 October. See Roden’s last interview with HR magazine in the October issue due to hit desks next week.

  8. Susan Bor....


  10. Are we sure it was a woman? Only asking.

  11. Elaine Arden's photo on Linkedin bears a strong resemblance to that in the Daily Mail - profile, angle and bit of detail.

  12. If people are not allowed to know the truth they will make up their own truths - which will be far more interesting...but unfortunately innocent people may well be defamed.

  13. Susan Bor was not on your list last night - you added her later! She is well shaggable though

  14. "Although the Mr Wilson debacle is tittle tattle kiss 'n' tell, in the Goodwin case a large bank nearly collapsed after being run into the ground by Sir Fred Goodwin (can we now tell the world he is a banker?) and has cost the UK tax payer (you and I) tens of billions of pounds worth of pain."

    HITLER WAS EVIL, THE AUTOBAHNS MUST BE DESTROYED! Jeez, guilt by association much?

    Who is the person writing this blog? What's their home address? How much to they earn? You can't keep these things secret - that's censorship!

  15. Susan Bor - compare her CV at
    with Daily Mail article

  16. I think it is awful that we are trying to intrude into the lives of people who did nothing worse than shag their boss whilst the boss was bringing the country to its knees. Susan Bor doesn't come across as particularly likeable, and may even be a serial power shagger but this is still a private matter between her, her husband, John, their son, their local church and their family and friends in Dunfermline.

  17. Oh, yes, and half the executive team at RBS. God only knows how she can keep her knees together.

  18. You're inferring a connection between the affair and RBS' collapse, and then asserting it to be true. You're effectively saying that sex is an impediment to being able to do one's job, and I suspect that millions of married couples might take exception to that. (Indeed, most of them would likely suggest that LACK of sex is the bigger barrier.)