Monday, May 23, 2011

The Guardian outs Ryan Giggs

So the poll we ran said the NOTW or Sun would out the first injunction name.

The Scottish Herald, despite being in Scotland, could have done so but put up a picture.

The Guardian have gone one better and said it was Ryan Giggs.

Who would have thought that eh?

The fact they were reporting what an MP said is even more interesting.

[We maybe wrong and there is money on this so please someone tell us the Guardian wasn't first]


  1. Sky on twitter

  2. the Mail and the Daily Telegraph have also named Giggs.

  3. Might as well give full link,

  4. sorry sky was the first to break this one! Even the BBC are admitting this now.

  5. It was the Sunday Herald - they printed the picture on the front page AND named him inside, e.g.:

    See also scans 1-7 for other excerpts.

  6. The ironic thing is everyone already knows so make a complete farce of the law anyway. Well-done twitter for paving the way for free speech.

  7. "Well-done twitter for paving the way for eroding privacy."
    Fixed your typo for you.