Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hugh Grant is a tedious little man

A couple of years ago in LA I nearly ran over Hugh Grant. With a starbucks in hand, he wasn't looking where he was going and stepped in front of my moving car. Recognising him, I wound down the window and asked if he was ok. He told me to get lost.

Piers Morgan believes Grant has issues too and has called him a "Tedious little man". It is clear Grant has a poor relationship with the media. Piers Morgan was once the editor of a UK tabloid and has always enjoyed the gossip and tittle tattle of celebrities. For a number of reasons, Morgan dislikes Grant (eonline).

Hugh Grant is firmly in the "I hope the tabloid press goes out of business" corner. Given his robust views, we think he should sit on the UK governments up and coming privacy law consultation panel and tell us how he would construct the UK privacy laws? Piers Morgan should be there too. With boxing gloves.

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  1. If the tabloid press went out of business, Hugh Grant would go out of business. He was happy enough to surf the wave of publicity in the 1990s, before he was caught with his trousers down. A good proportion of tittle-tattle is generated by celebrities and their agents, to push their identities as a 'brand'. I'd be perfectly happy if the tabloids and celebs went out of business!