Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I never asked for money

Interview on This Morning soundbites...

No blackmail. Never asked for money. Gets worse for me. Sorry about the affair. I support the injunction. Protect his family. I want super injunction off my head. I was in love with him. Cannot talk to friends. Upset by what I have been called. Tempted to reveal his name. His life is normal.

So many people are guessing. Some are right. Some wrong. Out of control. No one has heard my statement. Closed twitter account. Death tweets. Mum in bits. Upsetting. Hurt me today. Want to clear my name. Want to go to trial. Want to put hand on bible.

Come out in court this didn't happen. I haven't given my statement yet. 6 month relationship.





This is what you get in a world of censorship.


  1. What does Ryan Giggs have to say on this?

  2. Kinda felt sorry for her after watchin it This Morning.

    Yes she had an affair with a married man but there's no reason why he should get away with and she gets hounded by people and the press.

  3. To challenge these orders you must go for the precedent which was Jose Mourinho's injunction granted by J Eady which found that adultery was not "a bar to privacy" for the first time which Giggs and co followed with their injunctions