Monday, May 16, 2011

Imogen Thomas fails to out @XR%^&

Despite being funded by some newspapers, and her injunctor (CTB) being known to everyone by now, she has failed to get the injunction she is party to, lifted.

This is the judgment in full

Looks like she blagged too much and the hiring of Max Clifford really annoyed the judge.


  1. The Daily Mail have published this comment under the story:

    Imogen Thomas has already starred in a home made porn film on the net so I tend to believe Giggs version of events on this matter!
    - bobigb, roofer, 16/5/2011 16:19

  2. Well there’s two sides to this story, hopefully Imogen well a get a chance to explain herself to. Of course everyone will believe the footballer , like he made everyone believe he’d be faithful to his partner. I don’t really believe what Mr Justice Eady is saying as everyone knows he‘s obsessed and loves giving out those gagging orders as he’s just as corrupt as the people he gives them out to.

  3. Yes yes but they have published the footballer's name!