Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inventor of the web says Twitter will be closed down

Rant starts.

Some people think this blog is about breaking the law and revealing tittle tattle for the purposes of supporting the UK media. Actually this is not the case at all and has so far only pre-empted the news agenda and takes its sources from the world wide web such as Twitter, forums and comments on the main media websites and this blog.

The purpose was always to lobby against private individuals and corporates from being allowed to pay for censorship by highlighting the ludicrous situation of injunctions being sought left right and center by low life rich people to cover up misdeeds. By all means protect witnesses, those whose lives are in danger and people involved in national security [UPDATE: and the vulnerable too]. Serious injunctions should be for the Home Secretary to decide, not a bunch of Judges who are interpreting some very badly drafted legislation in the Human Rights Act 1998 and trying to morally determine what they consider to be in the best interests of the little people (for a large fee of course).

It is up to the UK people to decide what they consider to be "private and not for public consumption" and their MPs are the people who should be tasked with putting in the appropriate laws. This appears to be what is happening right now as these petty injunctions are ripped apart.

But you have heard all this before in our other posts.

Rant Stops.


So the inventor of the WWW has said Twitter's days are numbered (as are those of LinkedIn and Facebook). He has a point because there is always something new and shiny around the corner. However his gripe is that people cannot go round and say what they think. He has a point here too because we are all constrained by a legal framework. However, opinion and gossip and speculation is what makes us as human beings work. Take that away and we lose our right to say anything and become dull insignificant wage slaves. I recall Hitler and Stalin were quite good at deciding their agenda by taking out those who disagreed.

If we are to clamp down on innuedo and lies then all newspapers must disable comments, must never publish letters, must never allow their journalists to tweet or be seen in public and have no opinion except fact censored by a few out of touch doddery rulers.

This sounds to me like communist China.

Which brings us onto, where is Ai WeiWei? This great artist has been detained for crimes against something unknown. Censorship does this. Someone has an opinion and a few people don't like it and they are taken off the streets.

Tim Berners Lee is a gentle academic who created the WWW to help academics share periodicals and papers. He never anticipated the homogenization of porn or the WWW becoming a global soap box. We cannot turn back time - we must adapt to the new world.



  1. Censorship is not the same as gossip. Opinion is not the same as gossip. Time for you to call it a day as you are now going round in circles. WE notice lately you have decided to exclude the vulnerable and others from your cry for a free for all but you are not so convincing.

  2. Speaking of Communist China, you must feel proud to work for the media empire which took such a strong stand against censorship there. Clearly, protecting freedom of speech for Chris Patten or the BBC on Star TV is less important than the right of the Wapping Liar to publish any detail it wishes of a British citizen's private life or of its sister paper to illegally spy on them.

  3. I think this whole blog is dishonest and simply an attempt for an individual to claim credit for regurgitating what is out there.Sad. Very.