Sunday, May 29, 2011

James Webley denies he was first to out Ryan Giggs

As we revealed and is reported in today's Sunday Times, @unknownj was the first person on Twitter to out Ryan Giggs.

Well he is trying to wriggle out of this because he doesn't want to go to prison. Unless he can prove he wasn't the first. This is the source he claims he took this Tweet from ...


  1. Yes, but if as you say on the 25th May, the injunction was taken on the 15th April, this 14th April tweet would be fine, wouldn't it?

  2. Yea yea yea. Aaaand he claims he got it off me ! Sunday Times reports his tweet went out on 14th April (evening of.)

    My article wasn't published until the afternoon of the 15th of April. it was all over the Sun on 14th April which was his source not me.

    Mike D Wheeler NMI

  3. PS.
    I could of course say that I got it off James.

  4. That might present a problem, because if the source is identified as being someone vaguely within the news media sphere, then all bets are off, and a prison sentence for contempt is in the offing.