Thursday, May 19, 2011

Julie Burchill has something to say

We were waiting for Julie Burchills views and in the Sun she has let rip...

"While the man who should really be wearing the badge of shame - Imogen's married ex-lover, the actual adulterer - hides behind the judges' robes with the rest of his cowardly crew, the Super-injunction Super-zeroes, like grotesque, over-grown, over-paid children, sucking on the withered teat of British justice.

Buffered by huge salaries from the public purse, these unelected ringmasters will continue to flaunt their views unhindered every time they show all the mercy in the world to the latest child-abusing, woman-beating, wife-killing low life."


  1. A typically measured response there Jools.

  2. Stupid slapper in the 80's 90's
    Still a stupid slapper. Now frumpy as well

  3. Why paint women as weak? Ok, unless the guy forced himself on her, we then have a crime, but this was an affair. She knew he had a wife. She chose to fuck him. He probably offered her 10 grand or so and it wasn't enough. Who knows? She chose to go on BB to do what. Get a job as a secretary? No, get famous so she could fuck footballer.s

  4. he is a professional soccer player for the reds, and is entitled to play away from home with the rest of the team!!!