Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ken Clark comes in from the cold

Maybe it was Imogen Thomas breaking down on TV?

Maybe it was Jemima Khan and Gabby Logan protesting their innocence?

Maybe it is the farce Kelvin MacKenzie has caused?

Maybe it is the relentless news headlines?

Who knows but the Justice Secretary appears to have woken up.

"In the clearest signal yet that the government is considering legislation to resolve the controversy over superinjunctions and anonymised court orders, Ken Clarke appeared to accept the necessity of drafting a bill."


About time too.

Firstly though he will have to consider this Friday's report by a committee of legal experts on the use injunctions chaired by Lord Neuberger, the Master of the Rolls. Somehow we expect that to be watered down tat so the war on censorship will have to continue.

1 comment:

  1. The worry is that any bill would just either 1) make injunctions apply to websites no matter where they're hosted or 2) basically do what Mosley wanted the EU to do or something similar.