Thursday, May 26, 2011

The KGM soap opera

Twitter bought Tweetdeck (a UK based software company) for $40 million. Maybe they should have saved this and put it in a Tweeters legal fighting fund as Euro man Wang's turnaround now seems to imply they will inform Tweeters who are being hunted down by Schillings et al.

Onto other matters. The latest Court judgment is out and a few lines are redacted. Now that is really silly.

KGM is the Gordon Ramsay injunction which has been partially lifted. Reading the judgment is like a chapter in novel. I don't know why we have newspapers anymore; these judgments are way more tittle - tattle interesting:

"...It so happens that the daughter who only found out recently about her father's "second" family is married to the chef and businessman Gordon Ramsay. The Claimant was until recently associated with Gordon Ramsay in business. He was the chief executive of Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd and Gordon Ramsay Holdings International Ltd which, together with various subsidiaries, constitute the Gordon Ramsay Group. In October of this year, however, the Claimant was dismissed."

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  1. I don't get it. What's North Korea got to do with anything?