Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Latest gossip and names being suggested

Super injunctions are a farce because they create a culture of secrecy. The upshot is gossip, innuendo, and lies.

Trawling through Twitter, comments on this and other blogs, and finally our free for all spreadsheet certain names keep on appearing. Without insinuating or suggesting these people are involved in the super injunction game here are the hot gossips:

Jose Mourinho
Robbie Keane
Didier Droba
Michael Owen

No wonder lawyers and Judges love football players...


  1. You are running out of things aren't you?

  2. More like 4-2 to United. Ferdinand, Giggs, Owen and Rooney v Mourinho and Drogba. Terry and Cole didn't get one. Maybe Howard Webb is secretly Justice Eady!!