Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lawyers enjoy the status quo

We reported yesterday, before anyone else of course, our views on the Eady, Wilson and Thomas judgment.

It is interesting to read the views from lawyers regarding Justice Eady's remarks on the ongoing farce that is the super injunction.

"The clamour for reform of privacy law shows no sign of abating. This is an important topic worthy of serious and rational debate. Unfortunately the media’s contribution to the discussion has frequently fallen short of this standard. Whilst it is unlikely that a measured response by a single judge in a single case will transform the debate, many will hope that the judgment in CTB encourages a gradual shift towards more balanced and sensible territory." Inforrm, 16 May 2011.


Basically they think:

1. The media cannot come up with a coherent argument for privacy
2. Only lawyers, because they are smart people, have the capacity to run the country
3. Lawyers want the status quo because they can rack up serious chargeable time sheet hours (£1000 a hour minimum)

So the only way to change our censorship laws is to force the UK Government to do something about it. Collectively we are all contributing to changing the farce that are super injunctions.

"If a point is reached as a matter of evidence when everyone knows who the injunctions are about then they become pretty pointless." Lord Falconer, former Lord Chancellor.

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