Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lord Neuberger's Report: The guessing starts

So the Evening Standard is already speculating what the Master of the Rolls report on privacy is going to contain this Friday. As "one of them" it is unlikely to be radical.

We doubt it is going to recommend abandoning the Human Rights Act.

The ES reckon the three letter acronyms will continue but those private sessions will be open to journalists and their lawyers to discuss why an injunction is a bad idea. The judges will of course ignore their pleas and carry on as they are now. Most lawyers are control freaks and censorship appeals to their sense of superiority.

P.S. Apparently the 3 letter acronyms is something to do with an old Access database that records the party information only being able to handle 3 upper case text characters. So we are told. There is probably an injunction out on it hence lack of knowing why.

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