Monday, May 23, 2011

Sky win injunction super race

We thought it was the Guardian that outed Ryan Giggs first, but their lawyers were not fast enough it seems.

Thanks to those who commented and told us it was Sky who got there first.

In our now closed poll, Sky were lagging behind its stable mates the Sun and The News of the World, as well as the Daily Mail who were so close on many occasions, but managed to out tweet the rest and publish the John Hemming outing first.

This is all good fun and games. However, there still many who will refuse to utter the words of the footballer just because an MP did in the House of Commons. You see, it is still unclear as to whether we are allowed to report and comment on issues in the HoP that are part of an injunction.

This farce cannot continue though and the more names that are outed, the faster the Government will have to bring in better laws. But isn't Parliament on Whitsun recess soon?

So who will be next to be outed? Write your suggested names below but refer to the 3 letter code name ...and we shall run a poll.


  1. Er, no, Ryan Giggs was outed by John Hemming MP who used Commons' privilege to do it. All Sky did was report his words.

  2. Nope it was the Sunday Herald on page 16 yesterday.

  3. NEJ or TSE ... both are now easily identifiable on twitter.

  4. You're right on one thing. John Hemming has Parliamentary privilege, so he can say those things. You do not, so you cannot say what he said. I guess the broadcasters are taking their chances with this one.

  5. Whose NEJ?? TSE is Gareth Barry I know...

  6. TSE: will be next. Mentioned by MP John Hemming today. Big Mistake taking twitter to court.

    btw. NEJ is the err "Well-known" actor who slept with Helen Wood; the Wayne Rooney hooker. No much on this recently.

  7. Surely the BBC named him first, as it was aired live on BBC Parliament?