Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strauss-Kahn forgets he is not in France

Someone (anon) has written this excellent comment, reproduced in full:

"We don't know all that much about the extent of M. Strauss-Kahn's personal misdeeds because the French have strict privacy laws about that sort of thing. His conduct since moving to DC to head up the IMF, however, became known very quickly, the Americans having strong protection for a free press and no concept of privacy.

Prior to this event, he was one of if not the leading candidate for the PS nomination for the Presidential election next year, and polling suggests that had he gained it he'd have thumped Sarkozy pretty convincingly, possibly without the need for a run-off. Some have suggested that since this will ruin him even if he's acquitted on all charges it may be a politically-motivated frame-up."

An excellent reason for ensuring the UK doesn't go the way of France. Already there are rumours the leader of the IMF phoned in a call girl dressed as a maid and the real one turned up. Why did it take 3 hours for the hotel to contact the police? Sofitel in New York does have a lot of French speaking staff so maybe he thought he was in France? Thankfully all will be revealed because the Americans are unable to cover this up unless the IMF demand immunity of course.

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  1. The British Connection has already been revealed by this blogger,
    much to the annoyance of a certain ex-Prime Minister!