Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Injunction Jokes

There have been a few jokes on Twitter about injunctions. There are some more here

Please paste some joke into the comments as we all need a good laugh. Now the Ryan Giggs bubble has burst the media are not sure what to do next so while we help them with the next agenda, it is time for a short break to think about what the next big moment is going to be.

CDE FGH LMN looks interesting ....


  1. A Liverpool prostitute has taken out a super injunction to put a halt to embarrassing rumours that she slept with Wayne Rooney

  2. News has just broke that Ryan Giggs is that player! Imogen that…

    If Twitter users are sued, lawyers are expected to analyse over 4 giggs of data.

    Imogen Thomas is trying to launch her solo singing career. She has started by doing Giggs in Manchester!

    Super Injunctions of the future to be re-named a ‘Gigging order’

    I went on Mastermind last week and my specialist subject was Manchester United.
    John Humphreys said, “Question one: Which Man United player is known as the Welsh Wizard?”
    I said,”I couldn’t say.
    “He said, “Correct, question two…”

    Man Utd awards dinner thrown into choas as “top premiership footballer” “top flight premiership footballer and “anonymous premiership footballer” win player of the year!

    Ryan Giggs has gone into hiding. I cant Imogen why

    In a recent interview, asked about his ideal woman, Man Utd’s Welsh wing wizard said he’s recently found a love for ‘Big titted brunettes…

  3. FOOTBALL NEWS: Chelsea have taken out a super injunction preventing their new manager from naming Torres in the squad.

  4. Ryan Giggs today admitted to suffering from homesickness, saying that even though he's happy in Manchester, he does Miss Wales occasionally.

  5. To all my friends - I wish to place it on record that if anyone catches me snagging a welsh glamour model with cracking tits, feel free to tell anyone you like.

  6. Twitter injunction update. Twitter lawyers to call 140 character witnesses...

  7. So, the Super Injunction that Cheryl Cole had to hide news of her lack of talent from the Americans was lifted overnight

  8. They say money can’t buy you love. That’s not true, it’ll not only buy you love but also a super-injunction so no one finds out.

    jimmy carr

  9. Maybe next you'll be releasing information on the shocking case of OOO, OOA, MTK and RTF against the Met?

  10. A super-injunction joke:

    Get it?

  11. Ryan Giggs today admitted to suffering from homesickness, saying that even though he's happy in Manchester he does Miss Wales occasionally.

  12. Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Super Injuction By
    Super Injuncton By Who?

    "No Response"