Friday, May 27, 2011

Twitter: Has it handed over details?

Has Twitter complied with the Court order to hand over details of Tweeters who outed Ryan Giggs? The deadline was a few hours ago. Like tumbleweed, it has gone very quiet indeed. Maybe they are having to translate it into French first.

This man, Hugh Tomlinson QC, at the cutting edge of these court decisions, gives us his view on privacy which as you would expect involves lots of fees for him and gagging the rest of us:

"The fact the law is difficult to enforce doesn't mean you don't try to enforce it."

"There's a very slow but obvious convergence between European legal systems. Aspects of the approach in France are coming into English law. We are becoming more French."

For those of you who like watching videos and a need a recap on Giggsgate, this is a good place to go:

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