Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twitter man should be fired immediately

Mr Tony Wang is the European Twitter boss. He has no sympathy for Ryan Giggs Tweeters:

"Mr Wang made it clear that if the matter came to court, those people would be on their own."

Now Mr Wang probably has some stock options that have been rising rapidly because of the the UK's love of Twitter. He should be supporting his users not being a Wanger.


  1. Right, looks like I'll be telling the High Court that one of the personnel managers in Twitter is leaking details contrary to court orders.

    At least, I'm assuming you're a personnel manager in Twitter if you're in a position to say that Wang should be fired. You should therefore be able to tell us what specific clause of his terms of employment or the employee handbook he has breached.

    If I'm wrong, and you're not actually in a position to confirm definitively that he should be fired, do accept my apologies and shut the fuck up instead.

  2. Crap, is it a sackable offence to sympathise with criminals? That's me out of a job, then.