Friday, May 27, 2011

Twitter to reveal what exactly?

So Twitter may be warning some of its Tweeters like @ianian1984 and @InjunctionSuper it will be passing on information about their Tweeting activities to PC Plod, or more likely lawyers Twopence-Ruck LLP, in the near future.

I wonder what Twitter will be giving them? When you open a Twitter account you provide an email address and that is just to authenticate the account. So PC Plod will be given an IP address roughly showing where the Tweets were made, that persons followers and the people they follow, an email address (probably a disposable one) and a few Tweets.

Wow. Unlike tracking down digital pirates or paedophiles where there is audit trail and mp3s and mpegs, PC Plod will have virtually nothing.

A court will find it very difficult to prove someone Tweeted unless they admit it.

"Was not me guv, someone must have borrowed my phone / iPad / Mac / PC. It was probably a virus. I reckon it was my old mates who now live in Australia, or somewhere, from the pub wot did it. I don't even watch football or have a TV..."


  1. Think more along the lines of phone hacking.....

    They will probably try to go after tweets which come from Newspaper company IP addresses...

  2. These days, the operator of a network is responsible for what goes on there unless they can pass the buck on to someone else. The backbone people offer up the ISPs, and the ISPs offer up their customers. If the customer can't identify which person on their connection is doing it, then they're presumed to be responsible for it.