Sunday, May 15, 2011

We are lagging behind

Over the last week, it is fair to say this blog has been determining the UK news agenda.

We started out on April 21 to express our concerns at the way the UK media is being gagged and have been overwhelmed with nearly 450,000 blog views to date. That is a lot people who are sick and tired of not knowing what is going on in the society they live in.

We outed @InjunctionSuper the day before the rest of the world knew anything about it.

We have highlighted the hypocrisy of some of the protesting accused.

We have pushed the censorship debate onto the dinner parties of Islington.

We have pushed the media to tell us what injunctions they have been served by creating an open spreadsheet; and recently the Telegraph and Daily Star have come out and given us clues.

But no more of us pushing. The mainstream media is joining forces with its great enemy, Twitter and Facebook, and collectively we are helping destroy the things that censor what the media can and cannot do. The media is at last seeing the writing is on the wall for Judge driven censorship and is now doing all the pushing. They have the resources and desire to protect freedom of speech and we wish them well.

Today the Daily Mail (and People) reveal a premiership football player who prefers injunctions over fast cars.

"He obtained his first injunction when he was caught out just six weeks before he was due to get married in a lavish ceremony. Months later he was caught having sex with a model behind his wife's back - but got a second order to stop the new story coming out."

Tittle Tattle it maybe, but it is also censorship.

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