Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cost of imprisoning Tweeters: £100 million

So Tweeters are going to be hounded down, water boarded and their bank accounts drained. Here are some numbers:

95,000 :: UK prison population

75,000 :: #ryangiggs Tweeters facing prospect of prison.

If each Tweeter is fined £2000, total fine would be £150 million.

If each Twitter spent 1 month in prison at £3,333 (£40,000 a year) the total cost to the taxpayer is £250 million.

So netting off the fines against the cost of imprisoning the Tweeters means the taxpayer has to cough up £100 million to bring to justice those nasty people in contempt of court.

Given Ryan Giggs is only worth a meagre £23 million, this seem rather excessive don't you think?

There are another 13 injunctions that have been outed on Twitter so the total cost goes into billions. Not good with all this cost cutting going on.


The Guardian do have some good writers. This is a very sensible article discussing the demise of injunctions as they stand now. Perhaps our numbers are a tad aggressive ...



  1. I don't understand... if 'little people' have not been served with these injuctions (I haven't...), how can they be prosecuted?

  2. giggs is worth a lot more than 23 million his Reebok contract alone was worth 20mil to him over the past 20 years he has played top level ball for 20 years with several high profile contracts.

    i would be thinking his net worth is closer to 100 million

  3. According to the Sunday Times Rich list...Ryan Giggs net worth is £34 million.