Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily Mirror treats its readers like morons

Sir Fred Goodwin's alleged lover faces new battle to keep identity secret screams the Daily Mirror.

Given those who have access to the internet tend to use Google as a search engine, the person he had the "alleged" affair with is spelled out in black and white.

Just typing in Fred Goodwin tells you who it is. No need to hunt around Twitter Search, download a bit torrent, or sneak around on unpleasant forums.

We have been here before. Don't forget the Daily Mail has already outed her, although the Courts took a dim view when they said they had thrown in some lies to put people off the scent.

This ludicrous situation makes the newspapers look really dumb.

The battle is already lost.


  1. The Telegraph on the other hand allows free discussion on its comments page. This has just appeared in the debate about drugs.

    "David Cameron should talk to his sister, Clare, and ask her how The Misuse of Drugs Act helped her with her long battle against heroin addiction. He should ask her what she thinks would of happened to her if she didn't come from the well-off family that she did. He should ask her old best friend, his wife Samantha, about what she was doing at the raves of the nineties and whether human beings should be labelled criminals; with the lifelong consequences, for doing what she did.

    The current law consigns people to the waste heap and acts against the public health of our nation."

    But will it stay up?

  2. Despairing of British SocietyJune 3, 2011 at 4:37 PM

    Talking about morons, the superinjunction spreadsheet live page has been trashed. From the handles used, it looks like chavs trying to find two brain cells to rub together.