Sunday, June 5, 2011

Engineer wanted

We are looking to develop this site into something worth a fortune. In 6 weeks we have attracted nearly a million hits. There is big demand for uncensored news.

Are you a developer / engineer who has these skills:

Time on their hands
Could develop in an afternoon?
Could develop in a couple of hours?
Could develop a search engine like
Knows the Twitter API backwards
Knows the Facebook API backwards
Can grab and manipulate RSS feeds
Hates paying for software
Can demostrate their capabilities (very important)
Can scrape websites using bots?
Are based in the UK
Can work remotely
Prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement
Could build a prototype web solution on a spec we provide
Would be prepared to take a large chunk of equity in producing this prototype?
Would be prepared to be diluted in equity as we bring in venture capital / private equity?

Send us an email at

1 comment:

  1. Selling out, chaps?

    It's ok, you'll be forgotten by December.