Monday, June 6, 2011

ETK and his children

The outing of ETK has once more shown up the farce of trying to hide celebrity tittle tattle from the UK press.

It feeds on the stuff and if you hide it away in a cupboard, they will drill holes in the walls and take the hinges off the doors until they get what they want.

The judgment of the ETK injunction was to protect his two children. Anything that protects children has to be a good thing. Protection from unwarranted press attention, photographs, harassment, that sort of thing. ETK shagged and then gagged a co star to protect his children from being bullied at school. His wife found out, ETK allegedly removed his mistress from the TV programme they starred in and an injunction was taken out to halt the News of the World from reporting it.

He could afford to do this. Most of us couldn't. Does it seem right that a married man who has an affair (yawn) can cover it up because he can afford to do so and uses his children as the main reason?

If every affair where children were involved became party to an injunction, the Courts would collapse under the work load. The child excuse is very poor indeed.

Ryan Giggs, CTB, has children and interestingly did not use them as an excuse to stop his infidelities being reported. He was a man with a reputation and blue chip sponsors. They came first.

But the odd thing is apparently Kiss 'n' Tell stories don't sell well because most of us are bored by them. What does sell well are injunctions - when there is something to hide, we all want to know what is going on in the cupboard.

For an interesting analysis of the ETK injunction ...


  1. Clearly you haven't got any kids. We all have scelettons in our closets but we are in no danger of reading about it in the news papers. If an injunction is granted it's granteed for a good reason. It's there to protect those inocent involved like wives and children who commited no crime. Injunctions are granted because IT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST for the story to be published. It is only interes of the public reading and gossiping about who shaged whom that would help papers earn millions. Are there no other news in the world to be reported? Who cares. Lets people get on with their lives.

  2. You miss the point, anon. I had an affair, got divorced and lost my kids. It would would have been great if I could have gotten an injunction but thats cos I am scum.

  3. some people have no shame

  4. I think the 'kiss and tell' will now have a new readership, as previously, people had begun to believe a lot of it was made up by those pursuing publicity.
    Now, we have people desperate for their infidelities not to be discussed. If they had been, they would, as many have said, been 'yesterday's chip-paper'.
    Giggs should have just ridden it out and forgotten about it.
    Whether in the tabloids or not, these things come out and his wife probably had her own doubts many times before; regardless of the NoTW. If it's your brother's wife it's probably even harder to keep a secret in your environ.
    'Worst kept secret in Salford' - NoTW.

  5. Whats with the Nowhere Boy picture, am I missing something?

  6. Ryan Giggs has two children? plus How many with his Sister in law?

  7. If he wanted to protect his kids, then the easiest thing to do is not have affair in the first place.