Friday, June 24, 2011

Footballers stay silent

The Irish are ready to out a football player. Not Rio Ferdinand and his hockey chum but another player who plays away and wastes the courts time.

"The man’s partner is said to be ignorant of a brief fling with another woman during their relationship..."

We also hear an injunction failed to be granted in the High Court today. We guess the News of the World must have some interesting story coming out on Sunday.


  1. Listen everyone the rio ferdinand one is not true. I have seen the reported injunction this twitter user is claimimg to be him in the newspapers with a description of the player and rio does not fit the description. I will paste a copy of the description of the player for the injunction against a foreign female sports star. 1 An England Footballer who won a gagging order banning the reporting of allegations of a 'sexual liaison' with a foreign female sports star. The injunction banned publication of 'private or personal photographs' stored on a mobile phone.

    England footballer, not married, seemingly no kids....

    Yes it does say he is an england footballer but it also says he is not married and doesn't have kids. Rio Ferdinand is both married and has kids. Before you ask is this the reported injunction then yes it is. Match the two. Paper reports foteign female sports star and twitter reports foreign hockey player and hockey is a sport. Look at it this way if the person who has taken out the injunction is married it will often state clearly they are married for example. One of the Premier League's most famous players, a married man with children, took out an injunction preventing publication of details of any 'sexual liaison or relationship' between him and another woman.

    The above reported injunction clearly states the person is married. Another example. A world-famous sportsman, not a footballer, who is married and a father, was granted an injunction over suggestions of an 'extra marital affair' with another woman.

    This other reported injunction clearly states the person is married. The injunction on twitter the user is claiming to be rio doesn't state the person is married it says the person had an affair but I'm guessing it was an england footballer who is not married but has a girlfriend. So what if he doesn't comment on it that doesn't mean he's guilty. Why should celebs feel the need to explain themselves to people because at the end of the day when a celeb does deny something like that it just gets ignored and no one wants to comment on that they only want to comment on the bad reports. Also this twitter user is claiming they are the one who is outing them all when in fact some of their allegations are coming from people who commented on the injunction when they were in the newspapers. When the foreign sports star 1 was reported in the papers some idiot who didn't read the part about the player not being married said it was rio ferdinand with an english hockey player. By the way there's your first clue they said english and the report said foreign and suddenly one month later twitter posrs hockey player but changes it to foreign. And the report says nothing about the person being a hockey player just that they are a sports star. Lets not forget there have been plently of reports of these twitter injunctions coming out as untrue so what makes this person any different. Why believe something just because it's written up get the facts togeter first. I hope someone has the brains to say rio does not match up to the description at all and its probably another england player. Lets not forget when johnathan ross was first accused of having an injunction he didn't say anything.

  2. It was Ferdinand.

    Soon after the papers printed a "there is one faithful footballer" article about him and his wife on holiday looking rather bored (a sure sign they are hinting the opposite) shortly afterwards. They did the same this week or last week with Didier Drogba when he has an injunction to. Ferdinand case was not strictly about disruption to family life so no need to mention wife or kids.

    Apparently Cheryl Cole got an injunction this week to prevent photographers taking pictures of her.

    Hope the Irish press out Robbie Keane. Injunctions attacked from all side, including judge's in EUROPE which is a HUGE step forward in the debate!

    Also Ashley Young got an injunction last week, maybe his will be the one revealed on Sunday???

  3. get a grip the lot of yeas, famous people and bloody people who thing it's worth talking about: who give a F - gorw up and get a life

  4. So what was it about if it wasn't distruption to family life. It doesn't matter if it's not about disturbing family life the report still states the player is not married and has no kids. It actually says the words not married or can you not read. Please show me what proof you have other than the word of some idiot who doesn't even have the guts to show themselves for their real identity. Do you believe everything you read online just because it's up there. If I posted a comment saying Hitler's alive would you believe it. If it's about disturbing family life it will say something like the player feels it would be very distressing for his family but it always says if the player is married the player who is married with kids or something like that. Do your research and get your facts right.

  5. what's the source that says the sportswoman affair player isn't married? all i can find on it is this from The Daily Mail:

    doesn't say he's married or single. it also doesn#t say if the actor who had sex with helen wood is married or single, but we know now he;s married.

  6. Rio Ferdinand's fans are out in full force I see

  7. It depends on the individual injunction whether or not the media can say if the celeb is married/single. If the papers aren't saying he's married it doesn't mean he's single, it could just be that the injunction stops them from commenting on his marriage status.

  8. he wasnt married until the summer


    This person is Number 2.



    I think this part came from a newspaper:

    "An England Footballer who won a gagging order banning the reporting of allegations of a 'sexual liaison' with a foreign female sports star. The injunction banned publication of 'private or personal photographs' stored on a mobile phone"

    The comment after it was just made by the person who posted it to the forum:

    "England footballer, not married, seemingly no kids...."

    Was anything in todays papers about the failed superinjunction from the other day?