Saturday, June 4, 2011

Imogen Thomas wears signed Man Utd shirt

Imogen Thomas is in the Sun newspaper wearing that famed autographed Man Utd shirt.

It appears the Sun newspaper obtained this photo without her consent.

However, just as important is the newspapers are not allowed to discuss the injunction between CTB and Imogen Thomas as it has not been lifted.

So are the Sun in contempt of court? As well as in trouble for hacking?

[UPDATE 5 JUNE 2011]
So she is thinking about legal...


  1. I thought she said she only got a hand bag from Giggs? Goes to her credibility...

  2. The tramp deserves all she gets. Serves her right for sleeping with a married man.

  3. hard to believe the bit about the photo.

    all media organisations will clear all photo copyrights for publication.

    and the copyright holder will receive hundreds of pounds for its use. So she or someone would have signed off and received payment.

    a naive young girl who has been taken advantage of again.......

  4. @ABC you clearly have no understanding of how cunty British tabloids are. They're always stealing online content, including photos without paying for them, getting permission or even giving a credit. They do this only when dealing with people they consider too little to worry about, they obviously don't treat the big established agencies like that. Though the Daily Mail have been caught plagiarising the LA Times several times. If you want more evidence there's the account of getting so pissed off with the Daily Mail not only stealing their content, but hot-linking their photos too. This led to some classic Goatseing of the Daily Mail online by b3ta. :)