Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is Ian Hislop going?

As reported in the Guardian ("MPs and peers expected to call newspaper editors, judges and technology companies to public hearings") those currently sucked into this injunction debacle are having the opportunity to help create proper privacy laws.

Unfortunately, the little people who have much more to contribute have not been invited. Tweeters and most of the commentators of this blog are way smarter than most of those attending and it is a shame they will not be able to contribute.

Our ideal person to be there would be Ian Hislop. He won't be invited and that is a shame too.


  1. Do you think the committee will be held in private?

  2. I believe Hislop is in favor of some kind of privacy law, although as long as that super cunt Paul Dacre isn't there it should be okay.

  3. There is already a superinjunction in place to prevent the reporting of this committee's findings. :-)

  4. MP's do not want to get rid of them (Super Injunctions), as they never know when they will need to take one out themselves. Ken Clarke is the biggest idiot we have ever had as a Justice Secretary, and Jermey Cunt...oops Hunt, has never had one bloody idea/thought in his entire life, all he is, is a yes man, just asked Murdoch.

    I expect this will take months to work out and cost the tax payer millions. Then an idea will be put forward, but this will then not get a very good responce from the media and the general public, so then the Tories will do there usual U turn and then call another review. In the mean time the idiot Judges we have in this country will hand out x number of Injuctions to Footballers, Actors, and and any one else who has enough money to pay the Judges there required fee.

    What ever the final outcome you can bet your bottom dollar, the rich will still be able to hide there indiscretions with the help of greedy Lawyers and doggy Judges.