Friday, June 24, 2011

Jonathan Ross is innocent. It was an EastEnder that done it.

We all watched with fascination as a 19 year old computer enthusiast revealed the staggering incompetence of some large multinationals. Storing unencrypted passwords into a database is indefensible. Building sloppy websites and allowing some sql injections plus installing firewalls with the default settings still active, these companies were asking for it. They should hire him as a security expert.

The unreal world can have real consequences. Take Tweeters. Some like LEGAL_Aids are make allegations, with some sources and back ups, and then retract and restate.

Injunctions do this. They allow the innocent to be hurt and the guilty to hide.

Looks like Wossy is innocent and it was an East Ender. Until next week when someone else will be outed.

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  1. i wouldn't bother apologising to wossy, he's got a superinjunction for something worse. it'll come out eventually