Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jonathan Ross

Sue Mae, the notorious Tweeter who has speculated on a large number of salacious celebrity (mostly) legal gaggings has deleted the old tweets and replaced them with new ones. So what is this about ex BBC (taxpayer funded) Jonathan Ross?

Unlike the 140 character tweets, Sue Mae has provided wikileak style backups.

There is an agenda, it seems, for this mysterious person is keen we all sign up to ...



  1. English Federation of Disability Sports


    "It's a brilliant campaign and everyone should get involved. Plus - sport and tea are two great things". (Jonathan Ross)

  2. But has Sue Mae actually 100% got the identity of CDE and FGH correct ...? I read a while ago that the gagging order was granted because the male TV star and his wife do *not* court publicity / live a very private life etc -- which would not really apply to J.Ross ...... when I tried doing some research into the possible identity of CDE another possible candidate emerged, an actor in a soap opera whose wife is totally unknown. Hmmmmmm .....?

  3. @LadyDangermouse Legal_AIDS has corrected this one in the last few minutes to the person to whom I believe you are referring.

    Also, that petition is particularly relevant to one of the cases in particular, i.e. one of the TRUE scandals, not this celeb b*ll*cks.

  4. the woman had described the star as being "really kind, understanding, funny, sweet" lmao theres no was that was gonna be jonathan ross