Sunday, June 12, 2011

Judge admits extremists could use injunctions

As reported in today's Sunday Times regarding an April interview with Justice Eady (the man responsible for protecting Ryan Giggs squeaky clean image) in next weeks Index on Censorship, he defends those who can afford to pay should be able to take out injunctions.

Obviously he would say that because the rich pay his wages.

He says there is a possibility he and his mates could protect those "with extreme political or religious views."


  1. Great to know that justice is all about money

  2. @markblk9779 is harasing everyone on twitter who mentions injunctions. He is a lawyer and he is doing this while protecting his 'tweets'. He is now currently harrasing @soniatatardonya who has written a song about Arsene Wenger

  3. Shouldn't this site change its range to england and wales cannot view this page? Don't Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own legal system and injunctions. Looked at the twitter pages above. Mark Black seems to be helping rather than hindering her.

  4. Old Eady must be raking in the fees (along with Schillings). The longer this charade goes on the more money they make from those feckless idiots like Giggs.