Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Judge to decide fate of Goodwin

RBS. Big bank. Collapsed. Frederick Goodwin was the Captain. Playing away with the Head of Resources. So What. Could it have affected his judgment. Judge to decide.

Sunlight [and the News of the World too] ought to be shed on what are, at the moment, the dark corners of this case,” he told the court, adding that it was “unhealthy” for the public not to know and for the media not to be able to report says the Financial Times.

Mr Spearman told the court: “RBS was one of the largest corporate collapses of the last decade. Sir Fred was at the helm of the ship when it hit the rocks. It was rescued by the government, the taxpayer at huge expense.” This rescue had cost, at a conservative estimate, £50bn, he said. (subscription)

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