Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More threats of action against tweeters

The Attorney General is the top Judge in the UK (except Scotland). If the High Court has something it cannot deal with, it goes to him for advice and further action.

Dominic Grieve is the Attorney General and has decided to speak out at the flagrant breaching of injunctions on Twitter on BBC Radio 4.

If Ryan Giggs (the new Tiger Woods as the Daily Mail is calling him; does that mean there is more scandal around the corner?) wanted to he could take action against Tweeters. It is his injunction and if it can be proved someone knew of the injunction breached it intentionally then prison beckons. But in this latest development, we have the top Judge deciding himself whether Tweeters should be punished and not the injunctor.

" ... the attorney general made it clear that proceedings could be brought against individual Twitter-users in England and Wales as well as against newspapers that dropped heavy hints about the identity of a person protected by an injunction."

This makes you feel like the UK is a police state.

If the little people think the law is an ass, the law needs changing.

Prohibition, the poll tax, window taxes are just some of the laws that were implemented and failed because they were unworkable and unreasonable.

The current celebrity injunction debacle needs addressing by Parliament, not one man who can see lots of new work for his mates.



  1. In these time of enonomic hardship how does this knob think we can afford to take 70,000 + twitter users to court ?

    And if he does take them to court where are we going to in prison them ? The idiot Clarke is trying to empty our prison with as much haste as possible, is this to make room for the 70,000 + twitters ?

    Come to the UK, if you are a rapist or burglar you will be allowed freedom, post a comment on twitter about a celeb injunction and you face years of jail.

    What a bunch of mupets we have running this country.

  2. Of course there is more scandal around the corner! Any good sex scandal is a drama in four acts and we are still only at act three at the moment.