Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Newspapers: Please help Bailii

The newspapers have been doing a roaring trade on the back of the injunction debacle.

One of the reasons the Tweeters and bloggers have been having so much to do is having access to some of the original injunctions. These are posted at Bailii.org (British And Irish Legal Information Institute). However, this organisation is running out of money. It costs £160k a year to run.

So we are appealing to the newspapers to put some money its way.


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  1. I'd have slightly more sympathy for BAILII if it weren't for the fact that their website is a badly constructed crock of shite. There shouldn't really be any need for them, anyway - this is precisely the sort of stuff that the Ministry of Justice itself should be publishing, either on its own website or via data.gov.uk. Court judgments should, as a matter of routine, be made available for distribution in electronic format to anyone who wants to read them.