Monday, June 6, 2011

Northern Irish have more super injunctions than the English and Welsh

The Justice minister, David Ford, in Northern Ireland has told TUV leader Jim Allister, 4 super injunctions have been issued in its High Court since 2007.

A great quote from Allister:

"The mystery and secrecy surrounding injunctive relief is generally not healthy, nor does it sit comfortably with the transparency expectations of a modern society,"

England and Wales, on the other hand, have only issued 2 since Jan 2010:

There are super injunctions and there are super injunctions. We assume they were put in place to protect vulnerable people, national security or for the benefit of the little people.

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  1. I wouldn't make assumptions that they were put in place to protect the vulnerable. In our NI society they were more likely put in place to protect the influential from being outed as hypocrites. Interesting, isn't it, that there is no apparent movement to crack these injunctions in the way that Giggs' was undermined. Interesting, also, that I appear to be the only person who finds this interesting enough to comment on. Shame.