Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ryan Giggs injuncted the wrong person

The "Ryan Giggs had an 8 year affair with his sister in law" is tittle tattle that need never have come out.

Because Giggs riled the media with his Imogen Thomas injunction, which still hasn't been lifted, the man who has been out of the media gaze for most of his career is now the man they are all after.


  1. Mwahahahhhaaa!

    Classic Streisand effect.

  2. bloody tosser, the least now is Imogen deserves a public apology from this disgusting prick

  3. If Ryan has been seeing to his brothers wife and for several years too. Given that her (and Rhodri's) kids were born only six years ago.............Who is the daddy? I'm guessing that there will be room for some doubt. Just how accurate are DNA tests these days? If I were Rhodri I'd be finding these things out and fast. If your wife has been deceiving you with your own brother for over eight years then who is to say she's only been deceptive about the one thing? Will the CSA get involved.....Oh yes!

    This story has legs.

  4. He plays for Manure, so to play for them you have to be either a cheating piece of scum, or a junkie anyway. Lets hope the media hangs this little prick (Imogen says it small, and an apt name for him would be Justin) out to dry.

  5. Imogen is number one, Natasha his sis in law is number two. Just heard a 37yo welsh woman is number three. Is Ryan GIGGS trying to be the British Tiger Woods?

    Oh yes this story has legs alright. Wonder what the total number of airhead bimbo's will turn out to be in the end.

    Reportedly Rhodri is a tad upset with bruv.