Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ryan Giggs the sex pest

As they say, there is no smoke without fire.

Ryan Giggs can do what ever he wants. He is a free man. However, he must be truly regretting paying his lawyers huge sums to gag one of his many mistresses.

A relative tells the Daily Mail 'He can't keep his trousers up' ...

If only he had gone to Max Clifford we might not even be discussing this.


  1. Now they are all coming out of the woodwork.. I expect in the next few weeks we will be reading he tried in on with John Terry's missus, while he was around at Vanessa Perroncel house playing hide the sausage.

  2. And I'm sure it will all be true.

  3. bah.... he is just getting the kicking he deserves.

  4. Oh you wish. He deserves a lot more kicking yet.
    ...asked if he was ever homesick he say he did Miss Wales occasionally.......