Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zac Goldsmith: What is he on about?

Zac Goldsmith, MP, has told the BBC why he took out a super injunction (and this year downgraded into an injunction). His emails were hacked and he paid lawyers to stop them being published. He could afford it. The rest of us could not.

The recent News International hacking scandal demonstrates the current weakness in the law. Surely all emails should be protected. The law is vague and hence an injunction had to be taken out. Why doesn't he help push through some decent privacy laws that include the hacking into emails being a criminal offence?

Because he can afford to take out an injunction and protect himself; he doesn't care about the little people. He is an MP after all.

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  1. Data Theft is. 1991 computer act etc.

    Zac's problem is that the hacker passed the emails on to the papers. They read all his emails (hehe) and then gave them back! Problem is they read them and know all about his embarrassing (i deduct) private life!