Sunday, July 10, 2011

168 years. RIP

Those on the left or have been stung by the News of the World will be laughing now the News of the World is no more.

A free press needs as many participants as possible and when the largest player goes, the market gets smaller. Newspapers are dying and it is unlikely the other newspapers will gain all of the old readers. A sad day for fleet street but it is not the end of the world.


  1. A sad day for Fleet Street was the rueful evening that Murdoch sacked 6000 printworkers overnight. Yes, 6000 printworkers had a job on Monday, but were unemployed on Tuesday. The consequences of that treacherous act, ever being allowed to take place, brings us to where we are today. Murdoch, is above the law. Probable hacking into 9/11 victims phones, (allegedly). As the Twin Towers are collapsing, Wade and Coulson, are sadistically tormenting a fellow journalist, by telling him to dress up as Harry Potter, just for their personal pleasure. What a pair of 'tools' as we would say in the Printers Devil.

  2. "Those on the left or have been stung by the News of the World will be laughing now the News of the World is no more."

    As will the families and friends of murder victims who will not now be hounded by the Screws. To that list you can add rape victims as well. People criticise the BBC. The Beeb was crucified over the Dr Kelly affair. People lost their jobs, sacked and villified. The BBC Newsroom was shaken up. Contrast that with News International's response to the hacking allegations. From the very first they denied and attacked everyone who tried to get the truth out of them. Police, politicians and other journalists were intimidated. Those that carried on were targeted. The truth had to be dragged from them. They are still threatening opponents. The stories in the media suggest that News International had clear evidence of the NotW abuses and yet Cameron claims that Coulson was given a clean bill of health by NI. Give me the BBC anytime.

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