Saturday, July 9, 2011

Armageddon? Its only a fcuking newspaper

The vitriol being vomited by the baying blood lust UK newspapers is staggering.

The world's best selling newspaper has been brought down because News International were badly advised from a PR perspective. Throwing out the baby with the bath water should result in its PR people being lynched. Its crimes have been known for years. Why now is it News International is being attacked so vehemently? Super injunction busting perhaps? Showing up how useless this current government is? The Guardian on a last bash before it goes bust?

The paper was dying anyway. Sales were falling every quarter and Ms Brooks should have been moved on years ago for presiding over a failing business. But then so should all the UK newspaper editors who are sitting on a dying business model.

When the dust has settled, the Guardian et al will still go bust and the media will be curtailed like we have never seen. Back to one news source, the state owned BBC, and our Armageddon will be turning into North Korea.

The UK used to have the most respected press in the world. We don't have much else left. We can't even win at the sports we invented.


  1. Cant wait for the footie season to start

  2. Brooks admitted police corruption 8 years ago. Plod slow of the mark as usual

  3. I thought you'd been deleted. Samizdat anyone?

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  5. Started to show you true colours now, haven't you. It's not really about press freedom, with people like you, press freedom is only ok if it suits your own political thoughts or agenda, if it is opposes your views then it must be controlled. Despite all the right wing attempts to discredit and destroy the BBC, it is still the most trusted news organisation in the world.