Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BBC give News International a hard time

The BBC hate Sky. While the BBC cuts costs and caps salarys, it watches with envy Sky spending more and more and growing bigger unhindered by reliance on the tax payer. So when news (much of it old indeed) that one of Rupert Murdoch's other publications, the News of the World spills more beans on how it carries out Investigative Journalism, the BBC just cannot help itself and goes for the juggler.

Despite the fact the police have been so slow to uncover all this is surely more alarming than the revelations phones were hacked. The listening in on voicemails (shame on the phone companies for not forcing its customers to change their pin numbers) is pretty below the belt. It is illegal for starters. However, reining in the media not a good thing. If they mess up, they get sued. People go to prison. By all means force newspapers to issue apologies on the front page of newspapers. But don't curtail the free press. They need help for the industry is dying.

If the polititians, looking for a cheap trick, clamp down then all that will happen is Wikileaks and the internet will grow stronger.

Solution is for a proper UK Bill of Rights. And a stronger PCC.


  1. I can see your point. Yet, yet, yet. At what point didn't the people responsible for phone hacking ever stop and ask if this s such a good idea. Hacking into celebrities phones, the phones of pliticians, Milly Dowler?

    It seems a bit iffy to lay some blame on the phone companies. Remember, to have a truely free press we must have a responsible press. This has not happened. You could argue that to have the a free press you have to have an element of a 'shit press' within that. But hacking into the phone of a murder victim, deleting old messages so that they can hear more calls from distraught and scared people desperatly trying to contact that poor girl. That is not on, not acceptable behaviour for a free press.

    I hope that those responsible get hauled into court and sent to prison for their actions. To persue this through the criminal courts would not be a cheap trick in my view. Though I agree with the Bill of Rights whilst the stronger PCC would have to have access to punishments that would really hurt transgressors.*

  2. Sky and News International are far from perfect; but they don't extort money from people and threaten to send innocent people who've paid their licence fees to prison, like the BBC does.

  3. Zen blunts barbed wire.July 7, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    The good Karma of NATSOPA got the rag in the end. What goes around comes around.

  4. Personaly I would rather have a BBC than a Murdoch Empire organisation that envisaged a culture that lead to private investigators hacking a murder victim's mobile. All the other bad news stories. The Beeb might not be perfect either, but in my opinion, News International are far far worse.

  5. What happens when you go for the juggler? Does his balls drop?