Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ian Hislop was wrong: superinjunctions are back

4 weeks after Ian Hislop said injunctions were dead, up pop a couple to irritate those whose cannot afford the expensive courts to keep the media from reporting something that may or may not be in the public interest as judged by unelected judges who are the moral arbiters of UK life.

STU versus UVW and XYZ
Almost impossible to know why anonymity orders were granted and it maybe in the public interest that they were granted. The only people who know are the few legal bods who keep superinjunctions going because they get paid handsomely for it and at the same time get to act as god and jury.

QWE versus SDF and GHJ and RTY
In most cases of blackmail you go to the police. This celebrity went to the courts instead knowing in this Leveson post-hacking world nobody would dare out them ....

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