Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rupert Murdoch is dead

The media is truly eating itself. Expense cheating politicians (Gordon Brown, John Prescott et al) are rounding up on the media who stopped many of their gravy trains. The inept police who appear to have been corrupted by the cash in brown envelopes are spinning their way out of explaining why they never pursued the News of the World phone hacking claims further. Rupert Murdoch, an American citizen, who makes most of his money in the USA and Asia must be loving this side show.


In 2006 the Met Chief was caught illegally hacking into a phone conversation with the Attorney General.


Nothing was done about it.

In 2003 News International admitted to paying police and phone hacking.


Nothing was done about it.

In other real news:



So what has this to do with super injunctions?

Well paying for privacy is not the answer to the free for all press the UK now has. With corrupt politicians and the police there is a need for a proper Bill of Rights. David Cameron has been banging on about one for years. So where is it?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

168 years. RIP

Those on the left or have been stung by the News of the World will be laughing now the News of the World is no more.

A free press needs as many participants as possible and when the largest player goes, the market gets smaller. Newspapers are dying and it is unlikely the other newspapers will gain all of the old readers. A sad day for fleet street but it is not the end of the world.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Armageddon? Its only a fcuking newspaper

The vitriol being vomited by the baying blood lust UK newspapers is staggering.

The world's best selling newspaper has been brought down because News International were badly advised from a PR perspective. Throwing out the baby with the bath water should result in its PR people being lynched. Its crimes have been known for years. Why now is it News International is being attacked so vehemently? Super injunction busting perhaps? Showing up how useless this current government is? The Guardian on a last bash before it goes bust?


The paper was dying anyway. Sales were falling every quarter and Ms Brooks should have been moved on years ago for presiding over a failing business. But then so should all the UK newspaper editors who are sitting on a dying business model.


When the dust has settled, the Guardian et al will still go bust and the media will be curtailed like we have never seen. Back to one news source, the state owned BBC, and our Armageddon will be turning into North Korea.

The UK used to have the most respected press in the world. We don't have much else left. We can't even win at the sports we invented.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Hugh Grant: Will he stand for parliament?

Following Hugh Grants recent rantings about his right to pay for privacy, it is becoming clear his involvement in bringing down the News of the World is leading him into politics.

He was quite refreshing on the BBC's Question Time and will stand as an M.P. His Hollywood career is coming to an end and he may well follow in the footsteps of Glenda Jackson.

Looks like the pay-as-you-go-superinjunction will be coming back big time.

Rebekah Brooks ready to sign a book deal

The real reason Ms Brooks failed to resign on Wednesday is she was stopped by the very people like Cameron who have said they want her to go. Of course they don't. They soon realised she was going to write her memoirs and they panicked. All this rhetoric from Cameron that she should resign is a smokescreen.

Imagine the dirt she has on most of the MPs. She knows many of them well including Prince Charles, the Blairs and lots of celebs. She makes Piers Morgan look tame. Some of the dirt is legitimate and some of it is not. Publishers would pay handsomely, that is for sure. They are already prepping up the paper work.

You thought superinjunctions were old news? Think again

The courts are still processing them.

"The Claimant seeks an order that, for the time being at least, he should be protected by an order for anonymisation of the parties. Although I have ruled against him on the summary judgment applications, I shall proceed on the basis that he may succeed at trial in establishing a right to confidentiality in respect of the spent convictions. His objective would be defeated if all is revealed through the court process. Accordingly, I will grant anonymity subject, as always, to review if circumstances change."

Take a look. Do you feel safer at night knowing that KJO and XIM are not known to the public?


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BBC give News International a hard time

The BBC hate Sky. While the BBC cuts costs and caps salarys, it watches with envy Sky spending more and more and growing bigger unhindered by reliance on the tax payer. So when news (much of it old indeed) that one of Rupert Murdoch's other publications, the News of the World spills more beans on how it carries out Investigative Journalism, the BBC just cannot help itself and goes for the juggler.

Despite the fact the police have been so slow to uncover all this is surely more alarming than the revelations phones were hacked. The listening in on voicemails (shame on the phone companies for not forcing its customers to change their pin numbers) is pretty below the belt. It is illegal for starters. However, reining in the media not a good thing. If they mess up, they get sued. People go to prison. By all means force newspapers to issue apologies on the front page of newspapers. But don't curtail the free press. They need help for the industry is dying.

If the polititians, looking for a cheap trick, clamp down then all that will happen is Wikileaks and the internet will grow stronger.

Solution is for a proper UK Bill of Rights. And a stronger PCC.